Piece of Resistance Soap

3 oz bar of organic soap scented with pine, grapefruit, and awesomeness, while infused with caffeine.

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Rise Up Coffee

Rise Up Coffee is an organic, bold, and full-bodied roast.

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About Campaign

ToResist.Rocks / Future

We fully recognize this sounds crazy and that is why we love it. So we asked why not begin or end your day by cleaning all the political gunk with a piece of resistance soap! These bars are made with 100% organic Glycerin, infused with powdered caffeine crystals, scented with organic white grapefruit oil and white pine.

We hope to build on this brand and provide other invigorating rebellion assisting products.

Whatever your political affiliation, a Piece of Resistance will feed your libertarian instincts to keep government in check. Government for the people by the people.


Resist, Rise Up!

We have a slew of resources to help you learn about the political process and be engaged. #Resist #ToResistRocks